Archive for February 2012

Still no better news but a better show with a stellar cast of musicians from Colombia, Mali, Cuba, Morroco, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Iran, USA, Scotland and Brittany! How about that! ;-)

What a week! busy as a bee! Spring is in the air and some great tunes for you! A special revisit to the year 1984 at the end! ;-)

A special 4 track dedication at the end of this episode.  This one goes out to the people of Syria and their suffering! I don't blame anybody in particular for this but whoever is ...

Well, isn't life strange?  He thought everything was going wrong and guess what just one listen to Out Of Africa 148 and all's well!  Enjoy Josky, Le Super Borgou De Parakou and Ba...

Sorry , one day late ... all the better to listen to music from Latin America to Africa to the middle East.... Lots of new tracks ! Enjoy!

Apologies... One day late but you will not regret having had to wait... this is a cracker of a show!

2012 has brought cold weather to Europe but the warmth of the songs in this episode will melt it all away!  Enjoy!

It may be cold outside in the UK but the heart of Africa will still warm you up with loads of new sounds. Enjoy!

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