Archive for May 2013

This week ,with all that rain,  has been very depressing.  Here are a few tracks to lighten your load.  A homage to Georges Moustaki and a rare track from Trinidad!

First broadcast as episode #35 on 24/11/09!  Enjoy yourselves! The sun IS on its way!

This week's new releases, new releases to come and a look back at 1983, when World Music did not exist!  Does it exist? Enjoy!

First broadcast as #36 on 01/12/2009...Great African tracks from that year and a look at the past!

Another week of brilliant new releases, including new Dirtmusic and Gaudi! Enjoy!

First broadcast as #37 on 08/12/09..... That soft african vibe keeps you smiling!

A whole load of new tracks for you, one oldie and visits to Africa & Jamaica!  Just for you!

First broadcast as Out Of Africa #38 on 15/12/09 !  Enjoy!

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