Archive for October 2013

Back from Bilbao, Spain with new tracks and a couple from the Basque Country! Enjoy!

Hello! another rough episode from the vault...back in 2009!.. full of excellent beats!

Lucky listeners... Early post and some extraordinary tracks from this week's releases as well as some preview tracks.... Enjoy!

Lucky you!  early post, an interview and a few tracks from Oumou Sangare live in Bracknell in 2009!

Hi! Another brilliant selection just for you!  Enjoy! Celtic obsession, African trip and a little French madness!.....

First broadcast as episode #12 on 09/06/13... next wek Oumou ...just for you.. live in Bracknell 2009!

 Pushing the frontiers of World Music in a weekly episode full of new tracks spiced with an  essential oldie and a homage to a great Latin band!

First broadcast as episode #13 on 16/09/13. Enjoy this one and look forward to a special Oumou Sangare!

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