Archive for October 2015

Sorry Folks!  Another OOTW compilation but I'm sure you'll enjoy it!  See you next week for a new episode of Out Of This World!

This week's new arrivals in 11 songs!  Playlist OOTW 331

This week all over the Mediterranean Sea, the chestnut harvest is in full swing.... Here are a few songs to celebrate round a fire while roasting the sweet fruit! Playlist JPR'sTS ...

This week's program is full of surprises!  Enjoy! Playlist OOTW 330

This week the word is Turkey. Homage to the people who lost their lives to the madness that is taking the World over. Sad!  Playlist JPR'sTS 20

This week's releases and much more! Playlist OOTW 329

This week, we look at Sufi music from all over the world: Sufis, the mystical Muslims in search of God through music...Playlist 19: Sufis and Qawwali

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