Archive for November 2015

Many songs and still no words to describe the feeling! PlaylistOOTW336

A special program dedicated to the victims of the Paris Violence.  No Words necessary! PlaylistOOTW335

No words can describe our feelings after the Paris and Bamako attacks.  Here's music for you and for the victims of those nihilists! Playlist HTVPV

This week's episode dedicated to all the victims of the Paris bombings; music will never die, it is inside each one of us. Playlist OOTW334

The magic word is stone this week! Playlist JPRSTS24

This week's new tracks  all for you!  PlaylistOOTW333

The theme is Walk this week.... walking for fun, for health, for mushrooms or just for walking! PlaylistJpr'sTS 23

This week's crop, different but the same! Playlist OOTW 332

Welcome back, a bit of drumming for you for the 4 corners of the Earth! Playlist JPRsTS 22 Drums

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