“Simply Out Of This World” changes


Simply Out Of This World is going through some changes in 2013.  There will only be one program a week called “Out Of This World” from now on. This will be keeping you up to date with new World Music releases and World Music news. (First post tomorrow, with episode 194 - plenty of African music in there!) In addition, we will be posting archive programs of “Out of Africa” (From episode 55 backwards to 1, originally broadcast between March 2009 and May 2010 before the Podbean blog was created) There will still be two hours worth of programs a week.  In the near future we are hoping to substitute the “Out Of Africa” program with a series of special programs dedicated to single artists, countries or themes.  “Out Of This World” will soon be only broadcast on Jagz Radio. http://www.jagz.co.uk/

We are looking for other Internet radios willing to broadcast our programs. If you know of any radios which might be interested, let us know!

Hope this is ok with all our listeners....

All the best



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