You should have been there. Christy Moore is one of the most compelling storytellers.

Right from the start, and with just his voice and guitar, Christy drew us into his musical world, a world where injustice and corruption are denounced, where bravery and self-defence are commended and encouraged.  At first, the soft tones of Declan Sinnott’s acoustic guitar gently accompanied Christy’s velvety voice but when the message got angrier, more social or political, the rough and almost grungy reverberation of Declan’s electric guitar provided the perfect complement.  The sound engineer must be congratulated for an absolutely faultless, crystal clear sound. Pretty soon the audience was singing along, giving the songs an eerie feel, reinforcing their emotional content. We were treated to many favourites, interspersed with Christy’s wry sense of humour, further engaging the audience. Each of his songs is a finely chiselled box out of which poetry, the mundane, and a love for humankind pour out with constant benevolence.  Next came requests from the audience, when Christy embarked on a series of songs from the depths of his rich catalogue, helped by the great harmonies of Declan’s soaring voice.

The packed auditorium gave both musicians standing ovations followed by two encores.  Thank you for the music, Mr. Christy Moore.


Joel Roszykiewicz

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