Out Of Africa 69 17/08/10

Special interview with the lark of Wasulu music from Mali: Oumou Sangare.  This show includes exclusive live tracks recorded in Bracknell last year( with kind permission from World Circuit Records and South Hill Park Arts Centre)

Oumou is an artist who is proud of her country and its diverse cultures, now recognised and appreciated throughout the world. "Mali is a country of oral tradition, which explains why music and society here are part of each other.  The 32 different ethnic groups here each have their own well-developed culture. They don't need each other to make good music, even though cross-fertilisation is always good. There should still be a lot more recognition for Malian music.  I deeply respect each individual artist in Mali. Our potential is incredible. Mali and its music embody the symbol of a free and victorious Africa." ( taken from Oumou's biography  http://www.worldcircuit.co.uk/#Oumou_Sangare::Biography )

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