Out Of This World 286: 27/10/14

This week, we have Šuma from Belarus featured at the beginning of the episode. A bit about the song.
The song Edu Ja Darohaju is  a summer harvest song. It is about a woman. She is walking down the road and singing loud with hope that someone will hear her voice and will have compassion towards her. In old Belarus, people would use "to have compassion towards a person" instead of "to love a person". She is singing and tells us how lonely she feels. Her mother is calling her for dinner but the woman says "I am not hungry, I am already full up with tears, mother. I need someone to be in love with because I feel unhappy".
 This story is devoted to love and harvest in both senses (harvest that we take from the Earth and harvest that we gather from our relations with other people). There will be more next week. Peace to all!
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